Best West Australian Meat- A Range Of Terroir Products

Can’t get enough of the Savinia Bistrot special taste? Our retail in-house shop comprising of a Terroir corner is a must for taking back home the tender and juicy Harvey prime cuts. Our signature pieces are Côte de Boeuf, the premium Cuberoll and the Wagyu Rump. You can also choose Savinia’s favorite cuts, like the Tournedos, Sirloin, Cuberoll MSA and Prime T-Bone from the Australian Braford, raised 30 months in pasture.

Harvey beef known as the Best West Australian meat.


Best West Australian Meat - Tenderloin A

Tenderloin A – Rs 115 /100g

Best West Australian Meat - Cuberoll A

Cuberoll A – Rs 60 /100g

Best West Australian Meat - Côte de boeuf

Côte de boeuf, 100-day grain fed – Rs 115 / /100g

Flank MSA

Flank MSA – Rs 60 /100g

Best West Australian Meat - Beef Burger

Beef burger – Rs 100 /200g

Best West Australian Meat - Beef T-bone

Beef T-Bone  – Rs 65 /100g

Wagyu skirt

Wagyu Skirt – Rs 100 /100g

Wagyu Sirloin MB 6/7

Wagyu Sirloin MB 6/7 – Rs 300 /100g

Wagyu Sirloin MB 6/7

Wagyu Rump MB 6/7 – Rs 95 /100g

Lamb T-bone

Lamb T-bone – Rs 100 /100g